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Episode 1
Playing with Microbes Forest Shortcut The Burial Mound Hasegawa Found? Rushing Out Kiviak Microbes Miso Japanese Yoghurt European Yoghurt Grabbing Microbes from the Air Nuka Attack Petri Microbes Athlete's Foot Attack of the Hiochi Playing with Microbes

Episode 2
The Guilty Party Ash Destroys Homohiochi Terrifying Dorm Room Cordyceps sinensis Playing with Microbes

Episode 3
Bulletin Board Shock Celebrate with Hongeohoe Unlimited Potential Death of a Microbe The Sake Tasting

Episode 4
Learning Manual Farm Technique Itsuki Sensei's Menma Caught, Red Handed Sawaki gets the Red Stick Something is not Right

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10
The Gothic Lolita Gothic Lolita Kiss Daydreaming at work The Spoiled Bread Admit, You can't see them

Episode 11

Microbe Theatre Images(Edit)

Theatre 1
Microbe Theatre 1 Green meets Yellow We make miso We make soy sauce We make sake I'm Green Fungi The Insult

Theatre 2

Theatre 3

Theatre 4

Theatre 5
Opening Screen S. cerevisiae Fermentation Girls Fermentation #6 for Sweet Sake #8 for Bitter Sake #10 for Sake produced in the Cold #1601 for the Great Ginjou Sake Fermentation Association

Theatre 6

Theatre 7

Theatre 8

Theatre 9

Theatre 10

Theatre 11

Manga Images(Edit)

Volume 1

Chapter 1
Title Page, Chapter 1 Hasegawa Found? Unearthing the Kiviak Opening the Seal Taste Testing the Results Return to the Lab

Chapter 2
Title Page, Chapter 2 Prove it Sawaki! Microbe S-ken Game Diagram of S-Ken Game Something is not Right

Chapter 3
Title Page, Chapter 3 Yuuki Brewery Suicide Ash Kills Homohiochi The Sake Culprits

Chapter 4
Title Page, Chapter 4 Shower to Remove the Ash The Terrifying Room Silkworm and C. sinensis

Chapter 5
Title Page, Chapter 5 Can't Sleep Sawaki Childhood Report to the Laboratory

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11


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Curriculum Single
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