L. fructivorans

Full: Lactobacillus fructivorans
Japanese: L・ フルクチボランス, L.
Type: Bacteria

Manga Notes:
Hiochi bacteria. If you open a bottle of sake in your house it is going to come, fufufu... (Ch 03) It loves sake. (Ch 04)

Story Details:
Lactobacillus homohiochi, or Lactobacillus fructivorans is the "bad guy" of the series. This is a Lactobacillus which makes sake go bad. We see this in the begining of the series when Sawaki Tadayasu notices a large quantity drifting into the lab from outside. It is then discovered that some students are trying to produce illicit sake on campus.

More Information:
This Lactobacillus is actually two species generally grouped into one Hiochi catagory. The two bacteria are individually L. homohiochi and L. heterohiochi the second actually being a synonym for L. fructivorans. This bacteria feed off the mevalonic acide produced by A. oryaze in the production of sake.

Manga Chapter 02, Manga Chapter 03
Anime Episode 01, Anime Episode 02,
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