Fan Art

Paper Crafts:(Edit)

Wordpress blog. There is not a lot of information on the artist of these works but they are a lot of fun. This is actually a paper craft that you will need to assemble. The results are worth the trouble. Excellent design and instruction. I recommend using card stock or stiff "scrapbook" papers.

Photographs © Paperrollies: Click Images for Link to Downloads

Yarn Crafts:(Edit)

Livejournal blog 1_noshi: There is not a lot of detail about the construction in this post, but the author created an amigurumi version of the microbes using crochet.

Photograph © 1_noshi: Click Images for Link

DeviantArt Artist: kyut530: More yummy crochet microbes created in amigurumi style. I have spoken with the artist and patterns will be coming soon so you can have your very own Moyashimon-yarn goodness.

Photographs © kyut530: Click Images for Link


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