Episode 02

The Guilty Party
Name: 1Three Hundred Million Yen Agriculture Student
Japanese: 1三億円の農大生, Sanoku En no Nōdaisei
Notes: This episode follows Chapter 03 & 04 of the Manga

The story starts with copious amounts of L. fructivorans, called Homohiochi or Hiochi, issuing from a window. Since Homohiochi are normally found in sake gone bad it is determined, quickly, that students are trying to produce illicit sake. Hasegawa Haruka demands that Sawaki find where the culprits are manufacturing the sake.

Sawaki Tadayasu is asked to locate the room where the sake is being produced, which he does by the amount of Homohiochi coming from the area. Once in the room they see a large overturned vat, that once contained sake. The culprits are hiding behind the vat to avoid capture. It is noted the Yuuki Kei hates Homohiochi more than anything. At this point Yuuki has a brief flashback to a crop of sake gone bad and a suicide at the brewery. Itsuki Keizou Sensei explains that ash has traditionally been used to kill off Homohiochi and starts throwing ash on everyone and everything.

Itsuki Sensei decides to go back to the lab. Hasegawa is determined to discover the students behind the manufacturing and leaves Sawaki and Yuuki. Once Itsuki Sensei and Haruka are out of the room we meet Misato Kaoru and Kawahama Takuma. They admit to brewing the sake but also recognize Sawaki from Itsuki Sensei's description of his abilities. They convince Sawaki and Yuuki to come to their dorm for a shower, and then try and get Sawaki involved in some of their money making schemes. While there Sawaki notices C. sinensis growing on some dead silkworms, which had been another failed scheme.

In the end the C. sinensis is a great opportunity as it is used in traditional Chinese medicine thought to extend life, Misato and Kawahama begin to dance and cheer. Sawaki tells Yuuki, even thought the upper classmen are just in it for the money, it feels good to be helpful. He says that no one has ever needed his ability before and it felt burdensome. The episode ends at night after everyone else in the dorm has gone to sleep, we see Sawaki illustration another ability - controlling or "playing" with the microbes.

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Ash Destroys Homohiochi Terrifying Dorm Room Cordyceps sinensis Playing with Microbes

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Manga Chapter 03, Manga Chapter 04

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