Chapter 02

Name: 1The Ability
Japanese: 1能力 ,Nōryoku
Volume: 1

The story starts with Sawaki Tadayasu and Yuuki Kei returning to the laboratory along with Itsuki Keizou Sensei and Hasegawa Haruka. Hasegawa makes it clear that she strongly doubts Sawaki's abilities and demands that he prove them to her satisfaction. Itsuki Sensei provides a number of samples for Sawaki to identify including: miso, yogurt, mirin and various other cultures. Sawaki also complains about Hasegawa's unprotective footwear and tells her to see a doctor about her athlete's foot.

While Hasegawa and Itsuki Sensei are grilling Sawaki about microbes, he notices a number of L. fructivorans, called homohiochi or hiochi, floating in from outside the laboratory. After Sawaki and Yuuki go out onto a balcony to investigate the source of the hiochi, Itsuki Sensei repremands Hasegawa and explains that even an experimental mouse performs better when treated well.

From the balcony Sawaki sees large clouds issuing forth from one of the unused laboratory rooms in the building. Itsuki Sensei notes that some students use the rooms in his building without permission since so many of the rooms are vacant. In the end we see two students looking over a vat of sake that has been infested with Hiochi, wondering what the problem is. The floor collapses and the vat begins to topple.

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