Chapter 01

Name: 1University Entrance
Japanese: 1入学 ,Nyūgaku
Volume: 1

The story starts with two grandfather's talking about their grandsons, fresh off to the "Agricultural University" in Tokyo. We then meet Sawaki Tadayasu and Yuuki Kei at the orientation to the university. During the orientation a Police Bulletin about a missing student, Hasegawa Haruka, is distributed and an announcement, with a careless joke about her being buried on campus, is made.

Sawaki and Yuuki walk around campus getting the layout when Sawaki remembers his grandfather asked him to see a certain professor, Itsuki Keizou. While on route to find the professor Sawaki notices a large number of microbes coming from the direction they are headed. When they reach the site with the most microbes they begin to suspect something, or someone, is buried there.

After the Police arrive to investigate the scene, Itsuki Sensei also arrives with a shovel... upon digging up the ground they discover, not a student, but the corpse of a seal. Sensei explains to the boys that it is an experimental kiviak project he and his graduate student, Hasegawa Haruka, are working on. At this point Hasegawa arrives and berates her sensei for digging up the experiment without her. After clearing up the confusion with the police the four head back to Itsuki Sensei's laboratory.

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