A. oryaze

Full: Aspergillus oryzae
Japanese: A. オリゼー, A. orizē
Type: Yeast

Manga Notes:
Generally pops out when you think of it. Thinks it can do almost anything. (Ch 02) The important thing is microbes are everywhere. (Ch 04) Also known as yellow yeast-starter. (Ch 05) Yellow yeast. Usually sticks to Sawaki. It came from his family home. (Ch 07) It talks a lot!?! (Ch 08) The representative mould of Japanese brewing. It turns starch into sugar, especially glucose. It becomes most lively around 50°C (Ch 09) It appears every chapter. It rides on Sawaki's shoulder because it came from his family home!?! (Ch 10)

Story Details:
This microbe is voiced by Yumi Touma. A. oryzae is considered the main character of the micro-organisms and is seen early and frequently throughout both the manga and anime series. This is the first microbe seen in the series, both manga and anime. Sawaki Tadayasu's grandfather is speaking about him as a child playing with "something" they could not see. Sawaki is seen in a shed with the A. oryaze around him.

More Information:
This is Yellow Aspergillus oryaze. It is a filamentous fungus or a mold primarily utilized in production of sake, miso and soy sauce. It is considered Japan's national micro-organism, kokkinMeans National Micro-organism, just as the cherry blossom is the national flower.

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